Tile Mural Enhances Westway Flyover Cycleway in Paddington.

Tile Mural-Paddington UnderpassSadler Green’s long association with the ceramicist, Robert Dawson of Aesthetic Sabotage, has continued with his commission to create a wall mural for the new pedestrian and cycle crossing under the Westway Flyover in Paddington, West London. The mural is located opposite the entrance to the new ‘Street Sweepers’ depot that was built under the Westway, at the intersection of the new crossing on Harrow Road.

Dawson created the artwork in consultation with a group of local residents and organisations, which included Paddington Waterways, Active Concern on Transport and SE Bayswater Residents Association. Eventually, after many discussions and suggestions, Dawson arrived at a piece of public artwork which reflected the nature of the history and regeneration of the local area.

Tile Mural Section- Isambard Kingdom BrunelTile Mural Section- local landmarks in Paddington Tile Mural Section- St Mary's Terrace

The mural combines a mixture of locally significant historical references, including a portrait of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, within a skillfully interrelated and overlaid composition. It also reflects the continual process of change in the local area by including, for example, a geometric pattern based on the CrossRail logo and historical scenes of the local area. The composition of the artwork was formed by using square tiles finished in a range of blue tones, with details within the design, such as the chemical structure drawing for penicillin picked out in white, along the lines of delftware porcelain. Additionally, the mural is further enhanced by subtle lighting provided by a concealed strip light already installed during construction work for the depot. To ensure the longevity of the mural and to protect the surface, the artwork has been coated in an anti-graffiti finish.

Sadler Green have been proud to continue our association with Robert and are pleased to see the final outcome of the project.

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‘No Water, No Life’ Custom Mural at Linklater Pavilion

Linklater Pavilion August 2013

Sadler Green have been commissioned to work on another stunning Bespoke Ceramic Tile Mural Project, which has been installed in the Linklater Pavilion in Lewes, East Sussex . It was created by Maia Eden, an artist who specialises in mixed media artwork. The innovative centre provides environmental education for all generations, as well as being a practical base for adults with learning difficulties.

August 2013 038

The ceramic tiled splash-back mural project led by Maia, was created ‘with great skill and dedication, leading not only to a stunning work of art but a superb book, recording the process’, according to John Parry in his report to East Sussex County Council.

Once the finishing touches to the bespoke ceramic mural have been completed, the project will be fully celebrated in the Autumn at a special launch event to raise the profile of the Linklater Pavilion and the fantastic work they do.

August 2013 033

For further information about Maia’s work and the projects she has been involved with, or to contact her about commissioning a job, visit her website here.

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Llanelli Library Ceramic Tiled Mural Plaque Unveiled

Sadler Green has continued to develop its work on Bespoke CeramicTile Murals and the the Llanelli Library Project Mural was recently installed and unveiled to the public.

On Friday 6th September, a unique, ceramic tile mural plaque created by members of the ‘Links’ Mental Health charity was unveiled by BBC newsreader, Huw Edwards, who was originally brought up in Llangennech, near Llanelli.

plaque 034

The Ceramic Tile Mural Plaque was made to commemorate the March 2012 reopening of Llanelli Library by the newsreader and journalist and is located by the library entrance on Vaughan Street. The unveiling was held in tandem with an art exhibition also staged by ‘Links’, who offer flexible learning opportunities and promote positive emotional well-being for individuals in the Llanelli area.

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House of Hackney Ceramic Tile Mural Installation


Sadler Green are pleased to announce that a CeramicTile Mural commission for the House of Hackney has recently been installed at their store in Shoreditch High Street, London. The mural, created from ceramic tiles was installed on 19th June 2013 and reflects the design ethos of the company, taking traditional products and subverting them with playful and irreverent prints and imagery. The company creates a range of wallpapers, bed linen and a variety of soft furnishings for bespoke interior design.


The bespoke ceramic tile mural, which has been installed, extends this ethos further and forms part of the stock displays within the shop, which can be seen on the photographs included here. Sadler Green was proud to be chosen to work on this customised ceramic tile mural commission, especially as the interior design company specifically supports traditionally made products within the UK and the highest standard of craftsmanship used in their creation.


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2000 Tiles for Paddington Underpass Tiled Mural


Sadler Green have continued their association with Robert Dawson, who has been working on a Ceramic Tile Mural for the Paddington Underpass.  The original designs for the tiled mural consisted of over 2000 individual vitreous tiles which had a white geometric pattern against a bold red background. The artist had to rethink the design after initial planning permission was not granted, which has delayed the cutting of the tile transfers here at Sadler Green by 12 months. Finally, the tile transfers are currently being cut in the studio. After cutting, the transfers are to be applied by hand with a grid reference marked on the back to denote their individual position in the ceramic tile mural.

The finished mural will be typical of the artists signature “aesthetic sabotage”, creating yet another unique work of public art.

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