2000 Tiles for Paddington Underpass Tiled Mural


Sadler Green have continued their association with Robert Dawson, who has been working on a Ceramic Tile Mural for the Paddington Underpass.  The original designs for the tiled mural consisted of over 2000 individual vitreous tiles which had a white geometric pattern against a bold red background. The artist had to rethink the design after initial planning permission was not granted, which has delayed the cutting of the tile transfers here at Sadler Green by 12 months. Finally, the tile transfers are currently being cut in the studio. After cutting, the transfers are to be applied by hand with a grid reference marked on the back to denote their individual position in the ceramic tile mural.

The finished mural will be typical of the artists signature “aesthetic sabotage”, creating yet another unique work of public art.

If you are interested in commissioning a Bespoke Ceramic Tile Mural, please contact the sales team at Sadler Green to discuss your requirements.