Glasgow Western Baths Ceramic Tile Floor Mural


After Sadler Green’s successful collaboration with renowned Scottish artist, Alasdair Gray, on the Glasgow Hillhead Station Ceramic Tile Mural, the company was involved in preparing the tile transfers for the installation of an octagonal floor ceramic tile mural commissioned by the Western Baths, again in the Hillhead area of Glasgow.  There was a great deal of media interest in the latest tile mural designed by Gray, who had been Artist in Residence at the historic building between 2011 to April 2013.  The tiled mural project took over eighteen months to design, refine and complete and was hailed a masterpiece at its unveiling to the club’s members on 5th April 2013.

As an artist, Alasdair was very keen to reflect the ethos of the Western Baths, whilst at the same time, continuing with his own ideology of making a ceramic tile work within in floor mural.  The theme of “Refresh Mind, Refresh Body, Refresh Land and Refresh Love” has inspired the images of men, women and children on the giant octagonal-shaped ceramic tile mural.  Some of them are pictured using the pool’s rings and trapeze equipment, with the Western Baths being one of just three pools to have such facilities in Scotland.

With fellow artist and friend, Nichol Wheatley, with whom Gray worked closely on previous ceramic tile mural projects, the artists discussed art and history as well as considering the patrons of the Western Baths and the activities on offer there.  These were then reflected within the images of the tiled floor mural which Sadler Green supplied as digital tile transfers, which were applied to the porcelain tiles and then fired.  Each tile was given a number to allow easy installation of the ceramic tile mural.


The £10,000 commission was instigated by the Western Baths Honorary Secretary, Bill Mann, who was full of praise for the finished floor mural, after giving Alasdair a wide open brief at the beginning of the project.  The bespoke octagonal ceramic tile mural, measuring 7ft x 7ft, comprises of 60 tiles and followed hot on the heels of the successful Hillhead Station ceramic tiled wall mural.  At the unveiling, the mural was described as a “wonderful interpretation of the spirit of the Club.”

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