‘Wall of Challenges’ Mural at Newcastle-under-Lyme Junior School


As part of the “inspire a generation” motto from the 2012 London Olympics, the children of Newcastle-under-Lyme Junior School were set the challenge of drawing their personal aspirations for the future, which would form a Custom Ceramic Tile Mural in the main thoroughfare at the school.  Each child had a six inch square tile to decorate with their ambitions.  Once the colourful artwork had been completed, the images were then scanned and created into digital ceramic transfers.  The transfers were then applied to ceramic tiles and fired.  Finally, the ceramic tile mural was installed at the school during the half term break in October 2012 to create the “Wall of Challenges”, which comprises of 265 tiles: one for each of the children who contributed to the artwork, from the Reception class through to Year 6.

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